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Voter Info

A Clinton resident asked the candidates to answer a dozen questions.

Below are my responses.

I am running for mayor to give back to the great community I have been able to raise my family in for the past decade.  I am excited to improve upon our successes.  I want to help Clinton be the gem of north Davis county for years to come. I feel I am the best candidate for the position.  I have a strong understanding of finance and business.  I have the skills to help bring people together and lead others to achieve our city’s goals.  

I feel there is some confusion between high density and multi family rentals. I am not for large multi family projects such as 5 story apartment complexes.  I would like to see projects built in the city that foster ownership so new residents have a vested interest in their home, neighborhood and community.  I am fine with smaller lot lines that require less turf and minimal water such as patio homes and senior living.  These are a form of a higher density but not multifamily.  I like the bedroom community feel that Clinton has. I also want to be sure that residents are informed about the state's plan to pull zoning requirements from cities in the name of affordable housing.  I will work for the residents in fighting for the city.

First Responders

The current headcount is the same as it was in 2009.  We have nearly doubled in population however there has not been corresponding increases.  I will be a champion for our police, fire and new paramedics.  They need the personnel and equipment to be efficient.      

City Beautification

As you look around town our city image has gone down. Our current codes are not being enforced.  I will rededicate our efforts to attract great new residents and business.  

City plan

Our last update to the general plan was 2014.  It is time to revisit. I will be sure to foster more transparency and engagement in that process along with others going forward. 

Our city leaders have done great securing water rights for us.  They have purchased a couple wells which should ensure as water becomes more scarce and expensive Clinton will be in a solid position for years to come.

I will encourage growth in our commercial corridors. I will also work tirelessly to help bring a sit down restaurant where residents can enjoy a nice meal or order a drink.  Too often it seems we are headed to Riverdale or Layton to dine.  I want to be sure that vacant buildings are repurposed or zoned to help increase our sales tax revenues.  I will also ensure that no business has a grand opening without a representative from the city present.  We need to show that we care for them and their success.

Upon being elected I will work on completing a full audit of the city budget and books.  Bringing fresh eyes and perspectives will help us to see what areas we can save and improve on.

I will try to respond to emails, calls, texts or any other form of communication with residents within 24 hours.  I have attended every city council meeting since I declared to run.  I am sad to report that only one couple has shown up to a meeting. To improve engagement I will make sure info is sent out regularly.  Most people don’t have time to go search the city website for a link that isn’t easily found to locate the agenda items.  We should be streaming city council meetings live so more residents may participate without having to come to the city building.

There are many examples of technology that I don’t see being utilized.  I would like to have both a text and email that residents can opt in to receive regular updates.  I will also be sure that we post to our social media more frequently with city news and upcoming items and events.  The more information the more excited and passionate residents will become about staying in touch and connected to our community.

I look forward to creating an anonymous text and voice tip line for ordinance issues.  Residents should not be burdened to create an account through the city website and file one report for each item individually.  I would like to see an ordinance that requires graffiti to be removed within 48 hours since it spreads like wildfire if not.  We are fortunate to have the trails. They need to not be neglected.  As we focus on beautification it will spread around town little by little. 

I will need to take some more time to research and study the pros and cons.  With the little I do know it can be confusing to explain to voters.  It may work well in a caucus but not necessarily in a municipal election. 

I will connect our first responders' growth to our population increase. We can create an impact fee that would be required at construction by developers only for new homes being built.  We need to move from only being reactive to proactive.  With proper staffing the following will result: response times will be decreased, increased enforcement of speeding which keeps our children safe, more patrols in response to reports of vandalism and burglaries in neighborhoods.

A fresh perspective.  Please vote Brandon Stanger for Clinton mayor if you have not already.